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Australian battles on the Western Front

A machine gun sitting idle and unaccompanied in a trench
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Posted on 18 July 2017

Australians arrived in France in March 1916, and were soon manning a sector of the Western Front.


Over the next two and a half years, they were involved in a number of key battles, including:


  • 1916 July: Fromelles

    The Australians' first major operation on the Western Front is a disaster: the worst 24 hours in Australia's history.

  • 1916 July-August: Pozières and Mouquet Farm

    Australians capture Pozières village and the heights beyond. These six weeks cost Australia 23,000 casualties.

  • 1917 April-May: Bullecourt

    The first Australian attack on the Hindenburg Line at Bullecourt fails, while the second descends into two weeks' close fighting and ends in German withdrawal.

  • 1917 June: Messines

    Australians and New Zealanders are successful in their first major operation together on the Western Front. This is General John Monash's first major battle.

  • 1917 September: Menin Road

    Beginning of Australian participation in Third Battle of Ypres. The following eight weeks would cost Australia 38,000 casualities, its heaviest in the war.

  • 1917 September: Polygon Wood

    The second of five Australian attacks as part of the Third Battle of Ypres.

  • 1917 October: Poelcappelle

    Australians make limited gains but are compelled to withdraw in difficult conditions.

  • 1917 October-November: Passchendaele

    Australians fail to capture Passchendaele and suffer heavy losses. The territory is later captured by Canadian troops.

  • 1918 March-April: Dernancourt

    Australians hold the line south of Albert against the strongest German attack during the war.

  • 1918 April: Villers-Bretonneux

    At the second battle of Villers-Bretonneux Australian and British troops recapture the town and finally stop the German offensive towards Amiens.

  • 1918 April: Hazebrouck

    Australians hold Hazebrouck against the German offensive, stabilising the Allied line and saving the Channel ports.

  • 1918 July: Le Hamel

    General John Monash's model victory becomes the template for future success.

  • 1918 August: Amiens

    Known as the 'black day in the history of the German army', Australians and Canadians achieve an uprecedented breakthrough.

  • 1918 August: Chuignes

    Australians capture Chuignes ridge, the main German position forward of the Somme.

  • 1918 August-September: Mont St Quentin

    The finest Australian feat of arms in the First World War unhinges the German defences on the Somme.

  • 1918 September: Peronne

    Australians capture the fortress of Peronne and force the German defences to withdraw to the Hindenburg Line.

  • 1918 September: Bellicourt

    Australians break through the Hindenburg Outpost Line.

  • 1918 September: Bellenglise

    Australians and Americans break the Hindenburg Line.

  • 1918 October: Montbrehain

    The Australians' last battle of the war.

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