Privacy Policy

  1. This document contains privacy information about the personal information collected in relation to the Sir John Monash Centre (SJMC).
  2. If you are interacting with the SJMC and/or the parties facilitating the SJMC on behalf of another person, you are required to bring this Privacy Policy to that other person’s attention.

The Sir John Monash Centre

  1. The SJMC is an initiative of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) which enables individuals to discover the entire Australian story of the Western Front and Australian contributions to the First World War. DVA is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988(Cth).
  2. Registrations of interest can be made online.
  3. Bookings to visit the SJMC can be made online.

Parties facilitating the SJMC

  1. DVA has contracted Campaign Monitor to securely store the personal information you provide for registrations of interest relating to information and updates on the SJMC. This information will be held by Campaign Monitor and will be accessed by their staff, DVA staff and staff at the SJMC. Registrations of interest using a paper form or by phone will be provided to Campaign Monitor.  Campaign Monitor will handle your personal information in accordance with their Privacy Policy which may be viewed on their website at:

The Information

  1. The IP address used and the information that you provide to DVA to make online bookings (on your own behalf or on behalf of another person) will remain securely on Checkfront servers.
  2. In this Policy, ‘Information’ means all information that you provide on your own behalf or on behalf of another person in relation to the SJMC, or any part of that information.

The Purposes

  1. DVA, Checkfront servers and Campaign Monitor require the Information for the following purposes (the Purposes):
    1. Arranging and managing bookings to visit the SJMC, including but not limited to:
      1. securing your booking to visit the SJMC
      2. sending updates regarding the booking system
    2. Arranging and managing visits to and events and activities at the SJMC, including but not limited to:
      1. providing updates on the SJMC
      2. providing updates on DVA-related activities located on-site at the Australian National Memorial or at the SJMC
      3. reporting on the SJMC

The SJMC App

  1. The SJMC App is your ‘virtual tour guide’ for the Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, the Australian National Memorial and the Sir John Monash Centre.
  2. Information we collect
    1. The SJMC App will collect certain information automatically, such as type of mobile device you are using, device id, IP address, MAC address, IMEI number and information about your use of our app. Where possible, unique identifiers are anonymised and at no time do we attempt to identify you as an individual.
    2. All other information about you, collected through the SJMC App, will be collected by DVA from you with your consent.  At the end of your visit to the SJMC you may choose to be emailed a memento of your visit. If you choose this option, you will be asked to provide your name and email address.
    3. The SJMC has available loan devices through which visitors can access the SJMC App. If you elect to loan one of these devices, a staff member at the SJMC will take a photo of your photo identification such as driver’s license or passport.
  3. How we use your information
    1. When you open the SJMC App it will ask for your permission to access information about your location. If you choose to allow the SJMC App access to your location details, it will use GPS technology, blue tooth beacons or Wi-Fi access points to determine your location.
    2. If you are offsite (not at the Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, the Australian National Memorial or the Sir John Monash Centre), the SJMC App will inform you of the distance you need to travel to reach the SJMC. If you are onsite, the App will ask you to connect to the free Wi-Fi service. When you log on to the Wi-Fi service, the SJMC APP will automatically commence downloading a series of audio files which will be stored to your App (not your device storage).
    3. These audio files will guide you through the SJMC, Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery and the Australian National Memorial.  As you work your way through, the audio files will automatically delete and download according to your location. When you close the SJMC App, the audio files will automatically be deleted.
    4. The SJMC App includes certain functions called the ‘Tower experience’ and the ‘Tactics Augmented Reality Experience’. If you chose to access and use any of these functions, the App will request permission to access the camera on your device.  No information about you or your device is collected or stored when using these functions.
    5. We will use your name and email address to email you a memento of your visit to the SJMC if you elect this option. We will not send you any promotional material unless you specifically elect to be sent this through the SJMC website.
    6. We may use your email address to send you a survey seeking your feedback on your experience at the SJMC. The feedback you provide will be used to develop the SJMC to ensure that it is user friendly and best meets user needs.
  4. How we store your information
    1. All information collected about you is stored with Campaign Monitor. Details about Campaign Monitor and a link to their Privacy Policy are listed above for your information. The information will be destroyed in due course in accordance with Campaign Monitor’s Privacy Policy and DVA’s obligations under the Archives Act 1983 (Cth).
    2. If you have loaned a device from the SJMC, the photo of your identification will be stored temporarily on a secured encrypted server hosted onsite at the SJMC. Once you return the device to SJMC staff, the photo of your identification will be deleted from our servers.
  5. Complaints
    1. If you have any complaints in relation to the SJMC App, please use the ‘Contact Us’ form on the SJMC website or speak to one of the friendly SJMC staff onsite.

Use of the Information

  1. DVA will not use or disclose the Information for marketing or promotional purposes outside the specified Purposes.
  2. The Information that you provide to DVA (on your own behalf or on behalf of another person) will be provided to Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor and its related entities will not use or disclose the Information for marketing or promotional purposes. DVA may use the Information for the purpose of sending communications about the SJMC.
  3. In order to carry out the Purposes, DVA may disclose the Information you provide with those involved in managing the SJMC as well as to external organisations contracted to DVA to deliver services related to the SJMC or for the organisation of on-site activities, and events by DVA through which disclosure of your information to relevant government agencies (including law enforcement and security agencies) may occur. You consent to relevant government agencies sharing information that they may hold in relation to you to further the Purposes. Recipients of information about you who are outside Australia may not be subject to privacy laws similar to the Australian Privacy Principles. DVA intends that any foreign recipient handles information about you in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.
  4. Your name, email address, phone number, country of residence and your question/comment will be held securely by DVA and will only be used for the Purposes. These details will not be added to another distribution list without your prior consent, which DVA will seek through a request in writing.
  5. The Information will be stored by DVA and will be destroyed in due course in accordance with the Archives Act 1983(Cth).

More information

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  2. DVA’s Privacy Policy contains more information about DVA’s privacy practices, including information about how you may access your personal information held by DVA, seek correction of that information and make any complaints. It also contains information about how DVA will deal with any privacy complaint. You can obtain a copy of DVA’s Privacy Policy at or by contacting DVA using the details below:

Telephone: 133 254
Regional Callers: 1800 555 254

Or write to:
Department of Veterans’ Affairs
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  1. The publication of electronic addresses on this website is for the information of users. DVA does not authorise the receipt of commercial electronic messages (generally known as spam) at any published electronic address. Such addresses are to be used for legitimate correspondence only.
  2. If you have any questions or comments in relation to the SJMC you can contact DVA online.

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