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Whatch the conference: Montbrehain, the Australian Infantry’s last battle of the First World War

Montbrehain, 14 October 1918. (IWM)


Posted on 30 September 2022

The conference given by Peter Smith, former member of the Royal Marines commando and independent local battlefield guide is now available on the DVA YouTube channel.

Well documented in Australia’s archives, the Battle of Montbrehain took place between 3 and 5 October 1918. The village of Montbrehain, located in the north of France, had been under German occupation since the beginning of the war, and served as a rear base for the German forces. The story of this battle is also the story of the civilians of the village, who were taken prisoner and deported to Belgium.

It was finally thanks to the Allied offensives in the region from September 1918, and in particular the final Australian assault, that the village was liberated.

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