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The Sir John Monash Centre regularly invites our partners to present their sites and the Australian history connected to them during workshops and presentations.
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On 22 June 2024, the Wellington Quarry and the Bullecourt 1917 Museum are coming to the Sir John Monash Centre to deliver a presentation on the Battle of Arras and their respective sites. 


Located in the Arras region, these sites tell the story of the Battle of Arras, which took place between 9 April and 16 May 1917, from two different perspectives.


Established in Arras’s old chalk quarries, the Wellington Quarry is an immense network of galleries stretching almost 20 metres beneath the town of Arras. Created by the British and New Zealand tunnelers these, excavations created an outpost for the Allies, stretching right up to the Hindenburg line. The Wellington Quarry was the scene of one of the biggest surprise attacks of the First World War. Since 2008, it welcomes visitors for an immersive tour in the footsteps of the soldiers who served in the Battle of Arras.

A few kilometres south-east of Arras lies the village of Bullecourt, home to the Jean and Denise Letaille – Bullecourt 1917 Museum. This museum is dedicated to another theatre of the Battle of Arras, Bullecourt and its two battles launched on 10 April and 3 May 1917. This was a significant event for the soldiers of the Australian Imperial Force, which suffered over 10,000 casualties, including more than 1,100 who were taken prisoner, the highest number of Australians captured in a single engagement of the First World War.


The presentation will be given in French from 3 pm on 22 June 2024. Free admission. Bookings are required.


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