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Do you miss the Sir John Monash Centre? We miss you too


Posted on March 1 2021

Welcoming you in the foyer, seeing you tour the museum galleries, talking with you about Australia’s history on the Western Front, listening to your stories, getting to know your background, discussing opportunities to visit the region, and reading the messages and comments you write in our guest book is a great feeling and we miss it very much.

Your comments warm our hearts and allow us to improve the experience we offer you. They remind us, every day, that we are committed not only to keeping alive the memory of the men and women who fought in Northern France and Belgium during the First World War, but also to making you discover the experiences of Australians on the Western Front.

Our digital guestbook is now available online. Please leave a comment about your last visit to the Centre, we would love to hear from you.

Here is a selection of some of your messages:

Great museum, with information about how people really experienced the war. Impressive, sobering, truthful. Thank you for this unexpected experience.

The Centre is extremely exemplary, designed and equipped with the latest technology. A pleasure for anyone interested in history. Probably the best First World War museum in all of France. Thank you very much for the warm welcome and the impressive visit. We will come back with great pleasure.

I am really interested in the life behind the scenes of the fighting. A lot of museums barely address this topic, but I think this museum has not only touched on it but also given this subject great depth! It was an amazing immersive experience, and I will most definitely take this experience home with me and try to advertise its exhibits to my friends and family.

Amazing! My grandfather fought in the Somme and I knew very little of his war record. Since visiting this magnificent Centre I now understand what he went through and where he fought. This Centre is truly a magnificent testament to those who fought to protect our freedom.

The Centre provided a powerful experience, enabling our family to better appreciate the sacrifices and lives of the Australian soldiers and nurses. Thank you.

It was a life changing experience to understand the full extent of the war and the thousands who lost their lives and returned home injured or made the ultimate sacrifice in the end from gas effects as my grandad did.

The SJMC is wonderful. It truly illustrates the bravery and strength of the young Australian men and women that fought in this region and the terrible conditions they fought in. It was very informative, visual, and emotive. A must do visit for all travelers.

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